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Hi guys,

I know the importance of optimum synergie specially when applying optcoat pro plus , but sometimes if you are overseas some optimum products may not be imidiatly accesable to you due to some logistics issues so would like to know a couple of alternative solutions if i am out of  some certain products.

1- can opticlean replace paint prep

2- what about ONR with a more concentrated dilution ratio

3- if using other compounds and plolihes would a wash  before the wipe down help.



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you could use 15-30% ipa mix. You could get IPA everywhere and also distilled water.

you could also use a non abrasive paint cleanser from other manufacturers to remove polishing oils.

But stick to the first option...its cheaper.

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Depends on what you are using. Pre wash with apc (power clean) and a wash with car wash should remove most polishing oils.

Lots of people did APC washes after polishing back in the day when there were no wipe down products.

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As A&J suggests, it depend on what polish etc you are using.  Not a big problem using OPT polishes but with other brands something like Power Clean should do the trick.  IPA is always an option and is cheap but does not have good lubrication, alternative could be some bodyshop panel wipe.

Or just take some primer or hyper polish or some paint prep with you

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Thx for all the replies and sorry to drag the subject a little bit more but i like to give you the whole picture and what i am thinking so please comment.

I have rented a new small workshop in a prime area, very good location very clean and well sealed but my problem is i have water restriction and cannot wash inside or in front of the shop, plus i am out of paint prep for at least two month, time for my shipment to arrive (i am overseas).

The closest washing station is 4 miles away, so for application  of opticoat pro plus i figure the process to be the following,

1- take the car to the washing station for a full wash

2- once i bring the car back to the shop do a quick ONR rinsless wash to make sure nothing in on the paint from the drive from the washing station.

3- do paint correction with OPT products ( compound and polish)

4- do a second ONR wash

5- do a wipe down with a 25% IPA solution.

6- start the coating

Pls give me ur opinion or any adjustment u think i should do 


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ONR should be enough if using OPT polishes, IPA may be too much.  I guess by not using a primer (does this come with the Pro Plus kit?) or the Paint Prep what you are loosing is the catalyst.  I am not familiar enough with OPT coatings to say if this is significant or not.

Out of interest, what part of the world are you in.  For me America is overseas.

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