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Gelcoat Restore is NOT for clear coat, but only bad gelcoat.  It doesn't work well on good gelcoat.  And the Clear Coat Restorer is not for failed/failing clear coat.  There is going to be a learning curve for both products as they are both unique and new technologies.

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19 minutes ago, Ron@Optimum said:

Gelcoat Restore is NOT for clear coat

I understand, but three weeks ago when I asked if you could use it on clearcoat, this is what you said:

On 10/9/2018 at 9:53 AM, Ron@Optimum said:

This is specifically for gelcoat (the differences between gelcoat and clear are substantial).  I know Dr G is looking at clear coat replacement/repair products.

And 3 weeks later, here we are with clearcoat restorer....pretty cagey.

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46 minutes ago, No Soap said:

What is the difference between a coating and Clear Coat Restorer? Longevity?

I kinda got the feeling that clear coat restorer is a kinda paint filler (it can mimic clear coat) that can fill light to deep scratches but can not restore fading clear coat. This is just my guess...Im not trying to be to smart here. Other OPT representatives will have to fully explain and showcase these products so we can get a clearer picture about them.

But I must say...they all are very interesting.


Kudos to OPT for creating a paint safe and somewhat health safe tar remover?

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I'd take credit for being "cagey", but the truth is I'm careful announcing new products because actual availability is not assured.  Dr G working on new products is a given, said products actually reaching the market is not.  For instance GCR is available now, but TAR, Clear Coat Restorer, and Tire Protection & Coating are not.

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Optimum T.A.R.™ Remover is a fast acting, easy to use, and environmentally friendly solution for removing tar, adhesive, and rubber contaminants from all automotive surfaces. Optimum T.A.R.™ Remover is based on soy and other natural extracts and does not contain any petroleum distillates making it safe for the consumer, the environment, and your vehicles and is safe to use on all automotive surfaces including paint, chrome, plastic, and glass. Optimum T.A.R.™ Remover is biodegradable and VOC free.



?             Spray T.A.R.™ Remover directly on the contaminated surfaces.

?             Allow to dwell for 1-2 minutes. Agitation may be necessary for heavier deposits.

?             Rinse with a pressure washer or use a microfiber towel dampened with Optimum No Rinse (ONR) to remove residue.

?             In some cases a longer dwell time or second application may be required.

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Tire Protection and Coating

8 oz  00812779025494

32 oz 00812779025500


Optimum Tire Protection & Coating is a long lasting water based tire shine and protectant. Applied to a clean surface it will give you an easy to clean, good looking tire for months. Acc-elerate into the future without sling, oils, or silicone.

             Easy to use.

             Long lasting.

             Environmentally friendly.


Always wear gloves and eye protection. Clean the tire with Optimum Power Clean. Rinse and thoroughly dry, if the surface looks blotchy, clean again. Apply TPC to the surface evenly, working it into the surface. When first applied it will have a blue tint, it will dry to black. For a glossier appearance apply a second coat after 30-60 minutes. Allow 4 hours before get-ting wet.

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