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Hi again!

Regarding consumer products (not those from professional installers), in the era of superglossy product like The Beadmaker (TBM), which is the most glossy one in the Optimum line of products? I use Opti-Seal and I think that most certainly that is the one with most gloss or is it Gloss-Coat? Have anyone an opinion how Opti-Seal stacks against for example TBM? One point worth to mention is that not all of us are into superglossy looks but prefer more of the wax-look you get from example Optimum Car Wax.

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Optimum has distributors all over the world and pretty impossible to keep track of products they offer.  I assume Dr G is in the loop when they use our name and that particular company keeps very close communication with OPT.  You may not see it, but we get a lot of tacit criticism on everything from sizes, to products, marketing strategies, how/where we distribute - and sometimes I react.

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