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well sales had slipped in favor of the sprays and only the most finicky owner needed Finish Polish (Hyper Polish with finishing pad was almost as good).  The number of products...and slight differences between them...cause mistakes and confusion.  The more SKUs you have, the less efficient the manufacturing/distribution process.  Remember when McDonald's only had a limited menu - everything was fresh and served fast (real "fast food"), now it's sitting under a heat lamp.

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Not a problem, just a preference.  Always in favour of efficiency, in fact I agree with everything that rambling British guy was saying about efficiency when he was on the Synergy Podcast.  I am sure he is available for work anywhere in the world for a reassuringly expensive rate :)

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It's like clutter in your home, you keep adding products without deleting and eventually you run out of room and add all the related expenses (packaging, labels, components, etc).  When you do a cost/income analysis you realize you need to eliminate slow moving products.  Dr G has the normal pride in his "creations" but understands that improving efficiencies frees up capitol for new products and research.

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Im sorry Ill never get to use Finish polish but I do get it...the Hyper line is the future and Hyper polish is a good enough finishing polish and for whatever reason its not then there is still Poli-seal available that finishes brilliantly on whatever finicky paint!

My wifes car has soft finicky paint and Ive found poli-seal to be the go-for polish for it!

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