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,Well, I finally put in an order for some Optimum products, after months and months of 'research'. In that time I just fell in love with the products. It all just sounded and felt right. All the information provided in the podcastst, from Yvan Lacroix, from The Rag Company. I got so excited and wanted to try this for myself.

And today, it arrived, I was so happy to recieve all the stuff and couldn't wait to try it. I even got to speak to a 'local' Opti Coat Pro+ certified installer, which hightened the excitement. I got some ONR, OCW, OPC, OOS, the BRS (sadly delayed), and the brush.

I tried it out on my dad's car first, since mine was sadly too clean for my liking. It hadn't been washed in about 3 weeks, when it recieved a minor polish from yours truly. 

So, using a low GSM 70/30 open loop microfiber with the ONR, no pre-spray, it felt kind of wrong. During the first pass, it felt kind of like I was grinding the dirt into the paint, but the second pass felt super slick. Cleaning power was absolutely amazing, I didn't really expect that. Once dry, even without using OCW or OOS, the car felt nice and slick. Cleaning windows was an absolute breeze, inside and out (even with dog saliva....). I am sure I pushed the product a little to far, with there being kicked up sand on the paint, behind the wheels, which I didn't spray off. But there were no deep scratches.

Well, the solution was pretty dark now, so what do you do? You go clean all the glass of your house inside and out. They have never been this clean and slick, even though the solution I was using was really dirty! I was amazed.

So what do you do with this dirty water ? You go knock on the neighsbour's door. You know, the one with the extremely dirty car, and you say you wanna clean their's. They look at you like you lost it but of course they happily agree.

The car had months of thick road film on it. Grey dust along the whole side. Well, no problemen for the dirty ONR solution. Even the windows got squeeky clean. The brake dust on the wheels had corroded, so of course, that's too much for ONR to handle (Even though it did clean up one wheel really nice on it's own). I was amazed at the insane amount of power in OPC. Applied straight on the ONR wet wheel, 3 squirts. All that brake dust just came RIGHT off with the towel. It was absolutely INSANE! The car looked pretty amazing when I was done (Car was fairly new). I have cleaned 3 more cars after that today, and all have been an amazing experience. Can't wait for the BRS tomorrow.

I want to say thanks to Optimum Car Care for the amazing line of products. It was such an amazing experience. I'm so happy with the products and I am sure I will never use soap again. I am eager to try the polishing line as well, and somewhere down the line I will get my car coated as well. I am now officially........


An OPT fanboy!

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I’ve tried many new products but still I ordered more of Optimum products and especially Opti-Seal because it is such a great product and still my favourite drying aid! Love the experience of using these products! Thank you Optimum!

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I cleaned a total of 15 cars today, using just two 3 gallon and one 1 gallon ONR W&S solutions and the BRS. Cleaned cars sitting on a dealer lot, all pretty dusty/dirty, from several months of no cleaning, and it was a hot day.

After cleaning about 5 dirty cars with it, the black-hole look-a-like ONR solution didn't perform very well on a baking hot black car in the sun haha. Who would have thought!

My fastest car, a Ford Ka from 2004,  took me Approx 8 min.! I didn't clean the wheels and on some cars I did 'spot-repair' (cleaning stubborn parts of dirt).

I basically clean the whole car with the BRS, (Yes the car dries almost completely due to the sun and the heat, leaving polymer spots.) then take a damp cloth and a dry MF towel. For windows and hot dark-coloured cars in the sun, with a dirty solution,I use both towels. With brighter cars, the damp cloth was sufficient for drying without smears!

Awesome stuff!!!!

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