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Excuse me if these questions have been answered before, but I would like to know the duration of protection of several products:



- OCW when used over Opti-Seal

I remember Dr. G stating ONR W&S lasts a couple of weeks/rainstorms, but can't find that post anymore. Also, it's a long time since that was stated anyway, so it's likely this has changed in the meantime.



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I didn't chime in because I don't personally have a good sense of durability.  I hear from users but that's second hand info...and varies drastically.  I've only used ONRWW for years (and explained in past posts) and have never topped Seal with Wax (personally feel that's overkill).  I take very good care of my vehicles, which are garaged, not driven far, and "live" in a moderate environment (Arkansas).  When I wash (every 2 - 4 weeks) I ALWAYS use one of Wax, Opti-Seal, Hyper Seal as a drying aid.  With that regimen, I'm never really testing the durability...but I can tell the protection is still there.  I cheat with one car that has Opti-Coat Pro and have 1 Garage Queen that is mostly cleaned with Instant Detailer. 

The anecdotal information I've heard supports A&J's estimates, though Wax over Seal seems low at 6 weeks.

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Thanks for the input, Ron, I appreciate it. I'll go by A&J's stated times.

I actually thought that was quite long for the wax to stay on top of Opti-Seal, but I can believe it. One car I did that way, certainly still seems to have that deep warm gloss OCW gives, after applying it 5 weeks ago over a fresh coat of OOS. Only had 1 wash since then.

I'm really beginning to love OCW for exactly that, waxxing a car seems to take me just 5 minutes or so. Next order will definetly be a gallon of the stuff, as well as Opti-Bond and ONR (New formula hopefully) again.

Excited to see what the future holds for OPT products!


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