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After about a year of solely using ONR to wash cars, I recently did buy some Opti-Clean. Main reason for buying OOC was that I always find some missed dirt hiding once I do a final inspection, and wanted to clean that easily and relatively safely.

I now have also used it for cleaning my own car once it gets some dust and dirt from sitting outside, and am totally loving it that way.

It applies sparingly, seems to clean without causing swirls, wipes extremely easy and slick and leaves a very clean and slick surface.

Since I clean my car every few days before it ever really gets dirty, it might actually replace the ONR washes most of the time. It literally takes me 6-7 minutes and two TRC FTW towels to get a smear free finish, even on glass in the brightest lights (I'm REALLY picky about my glass, I need it PERFECT). And of course no water dripping out of crevaces!

Slowly getting to love every single product OPT makes...

Why do Car Washes even exist? People should just be doing this for 5 minutes every couple of days so they always drive around in a clean shiny car.


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Thanks for your feedback.  I frequently get calls asking the difference between ONR and Opti-Clean and my recommendation is exactly as you describe.  OC is an excellent spot cleaner/pre spray and perfect for total cleaning for the garage queen.  When used on a very dirty car, it takes multiple passes and negates the advantage over ONR, but it's such a great cleaner (actually stronger than ONR) that I always keep a spray bottle handy in the garage, in my kitchen, on the pontoon, etc.

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@Ron@Optimum I can see why people new to the line-up could be confused sometimes between the products. You've got ONR, OOC and OID, which all can be used to clean your car. Especially since ONR is used for dirtier cars, but OOC is actually the stronger cleaner.

You need to use them to understand the difference, I think. I'm curious where Instant Detailer would fall in the line for me, I guess just cleaning smears, or very light dust from sitting in the garage.

I'll definitely give it a try, and most likely will absolutely love it as well. Yvan stated it was the best smelling product in the line-up, let's see if it can beat OCW or Leather Protectant, those are my favourites right now.

On a sidenote: Opti-Bond is giving me that per-fect tire finish, but it took me a while to understand it. At first I thought it was patchy, or didn't even do anything.

In the old days, I used to use a really shiny tire dressing, one that made your hands smell terrible for weeks, so you can imagine the finish it gave.

I went straight from that, to Opti-Bond, so that sure needs a learning curve, but now I love how it makes the tires look. A really matte finish, almost like it isn't dressed, but it provides the 'new tire' look. I apply it on customer cars but don't tell them, since it isn't that noticeable, but it's the icing on the cake.

I even accidentaly applied Opti-Bond on glass (don't ask....) and thought I was done for... Tire dressing on glass?? That's a nightmare scenario in my books. But nothing of the likes, it didn't even smear, it just made the glass slick haha...

Oh man, I can't stop talking when it comes to OPT.... Man do I miss the Podcasts.....

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  • 1 month later...

I have just started to use the OPT line-up (so late to the game, I know!)...have used ONR & ONRWW for several months, now incorporating Power Clean, Opti-Seal & Car Wax to my usage, and have a shipment from OPT of the Leather Protectant, Carpet & Fabric Cleaner / Protectant, and the OOC. I'm also super excited to see how the OOC will fit into my routine for both my vehicles and clients' vehicles. I've been using Megs Hyper Dressing and more as of late the Obsessed Garage Tire Dressing but figured the Opti-Bond would be my next purchase from OPT. I am absolutely loving the synergy from just the products I've been using. I can't wait to dive in and try a bit of everything from OPT.


And yes Heijneker, I am missing the podcasts as well!!! Wish someone at OPT could find the time to start those back up, it has been a wealth of knowledge to dive into that library and help understand the OPT way of things. 

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Just now, Ron@Optimum said:

Welcome to the Optimum Forum - some excellent information here and outstanding contributors!

Thank you Ron. Been lurking for a long time, finally decided to join up and make a few posts. Have greatly enjoyed diving through all the different info throughout the years on here!!!

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@Jayk82 better late than never, right??? Great to hear you're loving the line-up, because so am I! If you know how to use it (and sell of course), Optimum Carpet & Fabric Cleaner & Protectant is a game changer. Use it with a wool pad on a rotary, and it will do amazing work on seats. Or with a brush and a towel on stains in carpet.

On clients cars, I find Opti-Bond to be hit and miss. Sometime it works great, sometimes it doesn't do the job. Need some more experience with it. I dilute it @1:1 with distilled water in a IK TR1 and use 6-10 sprays per wheel. Rub it in with a sponge, wait a couple of minutes and wipe with a towel. On my own cars, it's been nothing but awesome.

Leather Protectant Plus has a nice smell and is easy to work with. Sometimes it doesn't cut it as a leather cleaner, but then power clean surely will. The follow up with LPP for neutralising & that great smell.

@Bence has made some great posts about using Opti-Seal over in the Opti-Seal Q&A. Easiest sealant ever.

Car Wax is simple to use and can really gloss up the paint on darker cars. Works great as a drying aid and doesn't streak on the glass.

Both seem to leave the paint cleaner for longer.

Not sure if there are benefits to combining them.

Power clean is just awesome!

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Heijneker, Optimum needs to put you on retainer!

Feedback from Dr G indicates the issues with Opti-Bond (and Tire Protectant & Coating) reflect differences between manufacturers.  The chemicals used to maintain flexibility and the release agents vary, seeming to impact how tire treatments perform.  I've seen this with reviews of competitors products on other forums.

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1 hour ago, Ron@Optimum said:

Feedback from Dr G indicates the issues with Opti-Bond (and Tire Protectant & Coating) reflect differences between manufacturers.  

No expert here, just someone who likes to keep cars in good shape.  ---  offering my observations on the tire products.

Have noted that the Opti-Bond Tire Gel lasts only several washes.

However, the Optimum Tire Protection and Coating lasted a good 4 months through salty snowy Cleveland weather - simply washed off the salt/etc with ONR, and the tires look great. Although I could have let the tires go longer, went ahead and re-applied this past weekend. Will see how long it holds up in warmer weather.

Just my two cents.  Thanks.

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Tire bond seems to have lasted more than 3 weeks on my car!

However, my car has steelies, so, I also hadn't washed the wheels in 3 weeks 😁  

The tires did have browning on them, after about 4 weeks, but were very easy to clean.

@Ron@Optimum I'm a bit of an Optimum nutcase huh...... I don't know what it is, I just really gel with OPT and the no-nonsense line-up. Feel like it's the revolution to carwashing that the world just hasn't fully woken up to yet.

Concerning the tire gel, at a second hand car dealership I used to work, the tireshine gave a really consistent result. Being my hands would smell absolutely terrible for days....

Oh and tires that looked like they were completely soaking wet, yuck.....

I don't have experience with other similar products, but I still have a gallon of Opti-Bond to learn from!

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Oh and Opti-Clean I now use as a very effective and completely safe pre-spray on bugs and bird droppings, without having to worry about chemical etching/staining!

With Power Clean it could leave some darker spots or white staining if I used it on paint during a rinseless wash.

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