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3D’s spray/liquid wax has caught my eye as they state it fills swirls and minor scratches. 

Ive never seen mention of optimum car wax doing this, so does it? Like noticeably?

i see 3D also has express wax versus standard carnuba but I imagine that’s more of a quick detailer so I digress (price is why I mention it). (There’s way too many products out there and it seems half of them do such similar things they’re just labeled different for the sake of sales)

I also have to imagine, since optimum car wax can be used as a drying aid, with maybe very slightly diminished returns, that I could keep it in the family and use an ONR dampened towel to spread it out a bit easier than a Dry one. 

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Swirl-filling is usually wildly overstated.  I doubt any product will do what you are thinking it will do.  Usually a heavy paste wax is best for filling, but of course things like the classic glazes are intended for this purpose, back in the days when polishing was not as much of a science as it is now.

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Lowe, I just figured it I could use it to one step polish by hand. My car only as what I deem light swirls/“wash scratches”— since it does list itself as being able to be used by hand and I currently have no outside power and rotary’s are expensive. 

but then again, I guess I could just as easily pick up some griots polish from advanced and a cheap applicator pad. 

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I tried the 3D product last summer. 


It's a good wax. The version I had, used montan wax in the formula. 


It's actually more like a sprayable liquid, designed to be spread out, cure, and be wiped off. I didn't notice much swirl hiding, but most any wax will darken the paint somewhat, possibly reducing the appearance, or the obviousness of them. I feel Optimum Car Wax falls into the latter. 


For what it's worth, I threw away the remaining 3D Express Wax. It just wasn't for me. Also, the sprayer was starting to break and act funky. I never get a response from them when I call or email, so the choice was obvious. 


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