Where does instant detailer fall in your routine?

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It feels like OID is beat out by a lot of other products. Opticlean has more cleaning power so it seems like it would be a better waterless wash/spot cleanup. Optiseal and Hyperseal seem to be better drying aids since they repel water so well. ONR or opticlean are good choices for interior. So where does OID fall in the lineup? Are there any interesting uses I'm not thinking of? 

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You are right, Instant Detailer can be an odd man out - not as strong a cleaner as some and not as durable as most.  This is hard to quantify but I've been told it has the most gloss and is the slickest protectant in the Optimum line.  I've used it mostly as a spot cleaner and quick detailer.  I've had friends stop by with mildly dirty cars and I've done a quick Instant Detail - cleans the paint and leaves great shine, making a great impression but requiring minimum time investment. 

From a users standpoint, I've has customers who show their cars use Instant Detailer.  They drive to the show, clean road dust with IDGE and add great bling for the viewing.

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I more or less wash my car once a week or every other week...If I dry using opti-seal or whatever other sealant it still works great after a week or 2 weeks later so I dont need to top it up...thats where OID comes in as a dry aid. You could also use it to quickly spruce up your car after a day or 2 after washing to remove light dust off the paint or remove finger prints, bugs in the morning when there is dew on the car etc.

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My gf got home from work about an hour ago. I had washed the vehicle a couple days ago, but it rained this morning. 


I got my bottle of OID and cleaned it up for her. One of my favorite products in the line up. 


I also use it a lot for my drums and cymbals. 


The cymbals I use come with a polyurethane coating from the factory. I find that OID is the perfect balance of cleaning and slick gloss for them. I just have to be careful not to drop them!


My initial cleaning for cymbals is with ONR. I sealed them with Opti-Seal, and maintain with OID. The drum shells get Car Wax. The hardware gets Optimun Metal Polish. 

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