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SEMA is always Optimum's gateway to announcing new or improved products and 2022 is no different.  Optimum Assure Sanitizer and the new RV/Marine line has been introduced.  The list of improved products includes Gel Coat Restorer, Tire Protection & Coating, and Opti-Guard Fabric (Pro product).  Information on how these product are improved will be published next week.

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Sounds great, Ron! Very curious about new formula TPC.

I may have an idea for a new product from Optimum. Since winter has arrived here in the Netherlands, condensation is becoming a problem again in cars. Now I love to clean glass with ONR and Opti-Seal as 'drying aid' for a very easy wipe-off with smooth glass. But I believe this doesn't prevent condensation, which is the formation of tiny droplets on the glass.

What if there was a product with similar characteristics as Opti-Seal, which leaves smooth glass and makes drying of ONR easier. But then it prevents fogging up like Rain-X Anti-fog. I believe it should be hydrofillic, so the water would lay flat instead of forming droplets. And then maybe, as an added bonus, this would also work great for scooter windscreens. My girlfriend has a scooter, and in the rain in the dark it's very dangerous. If there's any opposing headlights, you have no vision whatsoever because the water droplets stick to the screen and distort your vision. There are films you can buy that when applied on the windscreen, leave the water flat, so it doens't distort vision. Like this:

So basically, works like Opti-Seal as a drying aid with ONR for easy glass drying, but provides Anti-Fog for cars and better vision on scooter windscreens. I would love it. Rain-X Anti-fog works aweful from what I've experienced. Just a thought, probably not even possible. But if there's anyone that could do it, it's the G!

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Heijneker, I forwarded your suggestion to Dr G and he responded that we have a product that does what you ask, but with limited durability.  He's going to see if he can increase longevity (will admit I was surprised he took it on but I'm never very good guessing what might intrigue David).

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