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I just tried this product for the first time, and I had a LOT of trouble with it.  I had presumed this was similar to Opti-Seal but a little more "coating-like", so I applied it like I would Opti-Seal.  I started this thread to help me, and get some baseline on the forum for how it should be used.

Just for a little background, I started using WOWA sealants (Opti-Seal and Z-CS) when they came out in 2007, and since then have used coatings like OC 2.0, Gloss-Coat, Opti-Lens, DLUX, that Duragloss one that I don't even think they make anymore, and maybe a couple that I forgot.  It's not like I use these products every day, or every week, or every month, or maybe even every year, but I'm pretty familiar with products that flash, high spots, etc.

I (thought I) searched the forum for some tips on this product but I didn't find this thread until afterwards: https://www.optimumforums.org/topic/64721-new-formula-hyper-seal/

I usually use a yellow foam applicator for Opti-Seal, and generally for coatings I use Scott blue shop towels (a tip from Anthony Orosco).  I don't like to spray WOWA's on the vehicle because you wind up with some overspray where you don't realize...so I always spray on the applicator.  When I got the Hyper Seal I tried it out on a small section of the roof of my car in the garage, using a little square of blue towel, and it seemed to go on thick and take a long time to flash, but I attributed that to it being fairly cold.  I let it sit overnight and it was all gone.

I have a friend who unexpectedly had to get a new car, so I wanted to put some protection on to get it through the winter.  Since it's cold here I was able to borrow some garage space that was heated and where I could do a rinseless wash.  The space temp was mid-60's but the car had just  come in from a 30's °F ambient.  I did an ONR wash (full disclosure: I seemed to have a little bit of oily residue in my wash bucket from EcH20, that I washed out, and maybe wiped with a paper towel), and dried.  I used one of these applicators: https://www.opticoat.com/product/bluemicrosuedeapp/  .  They seem nice and feel/sound like they may have a layer under the suede to keep the coating from soaking into the sponge.

I sprayed the applicator with Hyper Seal and off I went.  It says apply to paint, glass, chrome, and rubber, so I planned to do everything.  Immediately this product seemed to be going on very heavy and a bit gooey looking.  I also got an enormous amount of static on glass.  But I kept going based on my trial on the roof of my car.  I had started on the hood, and after I went all around the car, I went back to the hood and there were some high spots, not too bad.  If it was an Opti-Seal high spot I would have just spread it around some more and it would have disappeared.  This didn't really want to flash, but I figured it would eventually.  I then noticed that the glass had high spots, so I knocked them down with a towel, but instead of being knocked down, it just turned into a smeary mess that I couldn't buff off, even with multiple fresh towels.  It wasn't that it was high spots at that point, it was oily/smeary and I couldn't get it "dry".

I've done this to my own windows during the winter where I use some QD or waterless wash to clean the windshield when it's cold out and it looks fine, then it gets to be night and the oncoming headlights show an almost opaque smeary mess, so I was paranoid about my friend not being able to see where she was going in her new car that I was making "better", so I washed, polished, etc. until I got the glass clear.  I don't even know really how it came out on the rest of the car, as my time was up and I was too discouraged with how things had gone that I didn't want to know.  I honestly wished I had just used my old bottle of Opti-Seal or even some Collinite or something like that, at least with those I would have known how the product would behave when using it on someone's brand new car.

Sooo....I'm presuming I put the Hyper Seal on too thick, and maybe things were exacerbated by the not-so-warm temps.  The Opti-Seal I have is the original version, not the new ceramic-infused, so maybe these ceramic-infused products work differently (of course, it didn't seem to work like OC 2.0 or Gloss-Coat or Opti-Lens, which are ceramic products).  Thin is in with coatings, but Hyper Seal didn't want to lay out thin for me.

So what went wrong here?  Should I have immediately wiped with a towel?  That seems like a huge waste of product.  I honestly can't figure out how to use this product.  Perhaps I was tripped up by my preconceived notions of what it was going to be like.

How do other members use this product?


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I've applied new formula Hyper Seal in hot and cold conditions with no issues. For me I applied it just like I did Optimum Car Wax. One light spray on a panel, then I would wipe the panel with a microfiber to spread the product & then flip the microfiber and wipe the panel again to knock down any high spots.

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Setec, I've had similar findings. 


The cold doesn't help things either. 


I spray a very small amount into a yellow foam applicator and apply like Opti-Seal/Gloss Coat. In any weather it will take longer to flash than OOS and GC. 


Currently I'm testing for durability on a few panels on my car. Frankly I'm not too worried about how long it lasts because it's just so easy to apply. But - I want to make sure I know how to position the product on customer cars. 


I did an ONR wash in the garage yesterday and the temps were very low here in Metro Detroit. The vehicle was covered in salt and I basically made a mess on some of the panels. The front and sides looked great. The back of the jeep Wrangler was a disaster. It is closer to the door and farthest away from my space heater. The tire is the culprit as I couldn't wash behind it properly. 


So I would point to the low temps being the biggest culprit. I have used Hyper Seal in the summer heat with absolutely zero issues.  


I am interested in hearing about others experiences with Hyper Seal in cold temps too. 


Thank you for starting the thread as well. Great questions. 































































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Agree. Particularly, as you pointed out that the car/metal temperature may still be colder than the ambient garage temp.

Have posted in other threads that that I also found the new HyperSeal to be difficult to remove in cooler temps than the original formula.  

In response some suggested trying the new Optiseal, which indeed wiped off much easier in mid 30 degree weather. You may want to try this and save the new Hperseal for upper 40+ temperature.

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Sorry to be late on this post (holiday vacation "extended" by Southwest Airlines) - my 2 cents worth are that temperatures do effect application or New Hyper Seal more that the original version or Opti-Seal because this formula is thicker, being a ceramic coating, not ceramic sealant (a hybrid formula including both Sio2 and SIC).  It's  harder and much more durable, but also closer to a ceramic in application.  It's also very easy to use too much, causing streaking/smearing and high spots.  I usually use it as a drying aid which simplifies application, but when as a standalone, I prime the pad and use 1 good spray on the paint, adding more when the pad drags.  Using too much usually requires going back over with the pad/microfiber to remove excess.

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6 hours ago, Ron@Optimum said:

As mentioned before, I transfer my Hyper Seal into an Opti-Seal bottle. I find the trigger sprayer on HS too "generous", but OS spray head is just right.

I've done the same Ron. Haven't had any issues myself with the New Hyper Seal since transferring to my empty OS bottle. Great tip!

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