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Starting next week, Optimum will begin shipping revised formula Hyper Seal (identified it a gold New Formula sticker).  Hyper Seal is already Optimum's most durable wax/sealant and the new formula will extend it's longevity to a year +.  Opti-Coat Hyper Seal is formulated for ceramic coatings but works equally well on regular clear coat.  Hyper Seal can be found under the Maintenance tab at

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The old Hyper Seal was SiO2 based (Ceramic Sealant) and the new Hyper Seal contains Ceramic Coating also which is SiC based.So the new formula has both SiO2 and SiC resins.

Yes it can be applied to Pro or Pro+ after one hour.

It needs to be leveled similar to the old Hyper Seal or Opti Seal otherwise it will leave high spots.

It can be used as a drying aid but that will reduce durability, true of the original HS as well.

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Hi Ron, how long is supposed to last the old Hyper-seal formula?? Also, is it hyperseal enough for high gloss on cars coated with opti-coat pro. I'm asking since there no much info regarding high gloss properties of hyper seal.


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Hello Ron,

I have been using optimum products for a number of years now, but up until now I have only used Opti-Seal and OCW for protection.

I am getting a new white truck so I am considering the new Hyper Seal vs. Gloss Coat as they are both the same cost.

I am curious how the new Hyper Seal formulation compares from a protection standpoint to Gloss Coat?  

Basically is there much protection benefit to Gloss Coat with Opti-Seal drying aid if instead I put down a base layer of new HS every ~6 months, and use HS or Opti-Seal as drying aid with ONR washes?  


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there are lots of similarities but some big differences between Gloss-Coat and Hyper Seal.  Gloss-Coat is twice as durable, harder, and more chemically resistant - all the things ceramics are known for.  Hyper Seal might be considered "Gloss-Coat Lite" and has some of the same characteristics, but in substantially less quantity.  If you're comparing Hyper Seal to a traditional wax/sealant, it's much better, but it's not a true ceramic coating.

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Skeelo, there is no wait time before applying ceramic coatings over new vehicles.

Bullwinkel, you can apply the new Hyper Seal (or Opti-Seal) after 1 hour.  When first introduced the HS recommendation was 12 hours but experience taught us to wait 7 days.  The new formula HS allows it to be applied much sooner. 

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Thank you for the reply Ron,

Another follow-up question on Hyper Seal. My current wash process is a rinseless wash with ONR followed by Hyper Seal as a drying aid on a car that is not coated. Does this process offer adequate UV protection for my paint/plastic trim and prevent yellowing of the headlights? If Hyper Seal doesn't add UV protection like OCW, what step in the process should I use OCW? I think I've seen one of your reply's saying its best to add wax first then Hyper Seal because the Hyper Seal will shed the wax if the wax is added after the Hyper Seal.

I see that the Optimum Car Wax (OCW) is advertised as offering significant UV protection and I think I've read a forum post (*citation needed) that mentions the OCW integrates with the clear coat to reinvigorate the clearcoat's UV protection.  Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax (ONRWW) states it "provides all the benefits of No Rinse Wash & Shine plus additional protection and shine of Optimum Car Wax in one easy step." If I switch from ONR to ONRWW, will the UV protection of ONRWW be as significant and durable as using ONR + OCW?

I'm thinking of adding Gloss-Coat to my car as well. It is a couple months old and only has a very few minor defects so I don't really want to polish because I don't have the tools. Since I've applied Hyper Seal a few times, will prepping the surface with Optimum Paint Prep be necessary and or sufficient before applying the Gloss-Coat?

Thank you

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Car Wax has patented UV protection, but Opti-Seal and Hyper Seal offer comparable protection.  ONRWW offers some UV protection, but it's not the same in amount and durability that you get from a specific application of Wax or Sealant.  If you decide to add Gloss-Coat, yes, you'll need to remove any sealant/wax (and Hyper Seal is not simple to remove).  Polishing is best, but multiple passes with Paint Prep should accomplish removal as well.

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Ron, lots of talk of coated cars taking on properties of the last product applied, with the idea being it’s a step down from what the bare coating provides.

I’m talking about putting waxes or sealants on SIC and SI02 coatings.

Is this a real thing?


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