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I promised the Optimum Forum to do a product comparison of Hyper Seal and Ultra Ceramic:
Last weekend I washed/detailed 2 cars. The first was washed with ONR (5th revision) and Ultra Ceramic Seal was used as a drying aid.  No problems and Ultra went on easily with no streaking.  This car had Opti-Coat Pro applied 8+ years ago, but it's still present. The 2nd car washed with ONR V5, then 1/2 had Ultra Ceramic applied as drying aid and the other Hyper Seal (new version).  This car has had a graphene coating applied (2 years ago) and has regular Hyper Seal applications. There was no difference in application ease or streaking.  
Observations - I see no difference in gloss or shine - I used a spotlight and bright sunlight.  Truthfully I frequently don't see differences some point out and question the power of suggestion...or could be old eyes? There was a tangible difference in slickness - Ultra was noticeably slicker (made Hyper feel almost grabby in comparison).  Both bead water but Ultra's were smaller.  Also, when old version Hyper Seal was sprayed on beads, they disintegrate (used to demo that), but the new formula does not.  Curious if that's an effect from ceramic components? When Ultra is sprayed on beads they disintegrate/sheet.  That might indicate a difference in hydrophobics?  I much preferred the Ultra sprayer, allowed better control of product applied. 
I will monitor which sheds dirt the best and durability (to the best of my ability). 
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