Best Applicator for Opti-Bond Tire Gel?


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Can someone recommend a great applicator for applying opti-bond tire gel? I don't dilute it so I apply it as a gel. Mine came with a blue foam applicator but it's not working out for me. What are you fellow members using to apply it?

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I have the round hex applicators from Garry Dean and ADS. I thought my first ones of this type came from the OPT store but I no longer see them on the site. . They make a all black one for tires and a two-tone one that I use for sealants ect that is a little softer on the face.

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Hands down, my favorite applicator is the Griot's Garage Applicator:


See my previous post for more info & pics:

This one looks good too but it looks like it would be difficult to apply on lower profile tires. Thank you for posting it though.
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