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Hello everyone. My name is Mike and I live in New Jersey. Thanks for checking out my new member thread.

I picked up my vehicle yesterday after having Gloss-Coat applied. I must say I am truly impressed with the product. The glossy shine is absolutely stunning. I was given the usual instructions, do not wash the vehicle for 7 days.  I'm a little paranoid when it comes to bird droppings before the coating fully cures. How would I handle such a dilemma if it happens?

My car is parked outside 24/7 in my driveway, so it is exposed to the elements constantly. It's not my only vehicle so I try to limit the use of the vehicle to 2 or 3 times per week. Just to give an idea of the usage, I've owned the car for 5 months and I just surpassed the 1,000 mile mark. 

What Optimum cleaning and detailing products can anyone recommend to maintain/enhance the finish? 


Here is the finished product. This stuff is great!







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Welcome to the Optimum Forum and I'm sure others can weigh in with advice...but in the meantime, if you should get bird bombs or bugs prior to the 7 day cure time, wash off with water and a plush microfiber.  You want to avoid solvents for 7 days. 

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Welcome to the forum.  The car looks great. 

As far as maintenance products:

Optimum No Rinse (ONR) is good to have

Optimum Car Wash is good if you like to do 2 bucket washes

Optimum Instant Detailer works very well with Gloss Coat.  Leaves great gloss.

Some like to use Opti-Seal as a drying aid. 

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wow - your car looks simply stunning!  Another reminder why my next car is going to be red :cool2[1]:

I'm a huge fan of the Instant Detailer for maintenance as the gloss and slickness it leaves after a wash is just amazing, and its a great drying aid. Smells good too....

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Really lovely car. I hope you enjoy it.

ONR or car wash + OCW or OID are great for maintaining slickness and shine.

If you get a bird bomb on it just Pressure wash it off and do a ONR wash just on that part. ONR shoulb be the safest option out off all shampoos ob the market for gloss coat.

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Thanks for the warm welcome  and thanks for the tips.

Going to pick up some ONR, OCW and OID. This should be good to get me started. I've been so paranoid the last few days constantly checking on the car to make sure there are no bird bombs. lol Tomorrow is day 7 so weather permitting I will give it a good 2 bucket clean.


Thanks again everyone!



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