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Don't want to sound like a homer, but comments about one sealant being darker or having better shine are hard to quantify (or see in video).  And I've never quite come to grips with smaller, tighter beads being superior to larger ones - seems that beading is beading. 

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Only just watched this video.  I enjoyed it, the one thing which stood out for me was even after all those chemicals were used on both products, you could still see the area where neither sealant was used.

I have said it before, the competition has caught up with Opti-Seal and whilst it would be great to see a comparison with Hyper Seal, it would simply be a matter of interest. I cannot easily buy Hyper Seal so as a consumer Opti-Seal is my only choice for a sealant from OPT.  Obviously it is still a good product and I still use it and will continue to recommend it but it no longer stands out from the competition.



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