How to remove Opti Seal?


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Had my car paint correction done.  Detailer applied Opti Seal.  I've since put on multi layers of OS.  

However if I do want to remove the OS to try a different wax or OC.  What are the appropriate steps to "remove?  So I can then start and apply something different.

I'm not a pro, and dont have any power detail tools.  Thanks.

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In my opinion, you don't need to remove it.  If you are going to use an actual wax, this would be a tried-and-true old school method, to apply a wax on top of a sealant.  If you are going to apply a different sealant, you could do an IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipedown, but I would just give it a good wash and go over what's already on there.

If by "OC" you mean Opti-Coat, that's going to have to be applied by a certified installer who will prep the surface accordingly.

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4 hours ago, No Soap said:

Did the IPA-wipe remove any protection on boths sides and cause the paint to sheet?

Should have used ONR instead a soap (yak!)...

IMO the shampoo had some surfactants (wax, color, scent, foaming agent, gloss enhancer...) that covered both sealants and made them appear dead. IPA removed whatever was left on that surface from the shampoo. Its not easy to make a shampoo that will not affect the LSP in some way.

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