Optimum Tire Protection & Coating Review


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i’ve never used Tire Coatings.  Optimum is one of my favorite brands, so when they announced a coating for Tires I wanted to try it.

Too cold to do this outside today so I did it in my garage after a quick ONR wash.  My wife’s 2015 Tahoe has about 40k miles on the original tires, we will replace them shortly.  I wanted to try both 1 coat and 2 coat application


Front Tires = 1 coat (satin)

Rear Tires = 2 coats (glazed donut)


Prep :  Scrubbed with PowerClean 100%, non diluted..  Rinsed with pump sprayer.  Scrubbed with Optimum Power Clean rinsed, repeat Power Clean.  Dry very well.

Consistency : It’s the same consistency as ONR, very liquidy, not like Opti bond.

Goes on and turns a blue/purple color.  After about 5 minutes it turns clear.  For the back tires I waited 30 mins and applied a 2nd coat.

Picture included below  is the results

I’ll follow up with my thoughts in the comments over time.




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Quick question for whomever may know.  

My other car I did 1 coat all around, and now I think I want to go to 2coats.  Can I just clean with PowerClean and redcoat or will it not adhere to the 1st coat?

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Here is a followup.  

Optimum Tire Protection & Coating (take 2)

I think I messed up the prep for Take 1, so trying the again.  And I really liked how it looked the 1st time.

Prep - Lots of PowerClean Full Strength.  Probably 4oz per tire.  Scrub, rinsed, scrub , rinsed.  Maybe a hint of Tire Coating left after it was scrubbed

2 light coats coats applied with MF towel

Pictures are of the same tire for the whole process.  Each picture taken 30 mins later

  1. Clean - waited 30 mins to fully dry
  2. Coat 1 - waited 30 mins, took picture
  3. Coat 2 - waited 30 mins, took picture
  4. Outside - Next morning



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My goal wasn't to remove what was left.  In a FB discussion with Adam Huber he said I could clean them with Poweclean and re-apply over what was remaining.  


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6 hours ago, Ron@Optimum said:

ThiiiNG, one consistent recommendation is to thoroughly  clean the tires and make sure they are dry before application.

Definitely! I just picked up more Optimum supplies yesterday including a gallon of Power Clean, so I'm good to go. 😁

If there's one lesson I've learnt about detailing over the last few years - preparation is key! I'm really excited to try it after seeing The Rag Company use it and now this post. 

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