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Optimum Sprayable Paint Protection is a unique 2 part system that allows you to protect just about any surface and part. Imagine being able to ppf the hood, wheels, door jambs, the side of an RV all without seams ... all that and more can be done.

With our Color Encapsulation Technology you can also change the color of the car. Color Encapsulation Technology isn’t a die or pigment added to Optimum Sprayable Paint Protection, but we use actual automotive paint to change the color.

To become an Optimum Sprayable Paint Protection installer, you will need a vented spray booth (heat is recommended, but not mandatory), compressor, spray guns, and training. While it’s quite easy to install, it’s an adaptation even for a seasoned painter.

Other advantages of Optimum Sprayable Paint Protection are:

-no adhesive 
-no seams
-no cutting 
-no software 
-no plotter
-variable thickness possible for higher risk areas 
-can be wet sanded and polished
-lower labor times than film based Paint Protection 
-higher profits, it’s a superior result, we expect you to charge more than PPF .

-fully compatible with Opti-Coat Pro 

-gloss or matte finish



Requirements – OPT Training, Paint Booth, Sprayer w/special head, heater optional

Benefits over Film – requires less experience (any painter can install), no heavy body work, no seams, no cutting, no glue (yellowing), no size limits, no “pull back” (shrinking), can be wet sanded/polished (correctable).  Spray Film has color cancellation tech (can change color of vehicle), is cheaper, car available in 24 – 48 hours (depending on heater in paint booth), can be layered for different depths.

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I am highly interested to know more about this new product!! I have a 2001 Trans Am - if you're not familiar go ahead and do a quick google image search. The front bumper of the TA is one of the most curvy and complicated designs ever. I am considering getting some PPF but I know it will never be able to wrap all the compound and inverted curves on this car. A spray film would be PERFECT for this. 

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After watching the (March 2019) video of Yvan and Justin, it would seem this product isn't a replacement for a $600 front bumper PPF application. All the prep and spray seems to put this in the $1500+ category of full car body prep. I was hoping for a more DIY level or maybe at least cost comparable for PPF.

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