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7 minutes ago, Heijneker said:

Thanks só much @Jayk82, just finished listening to the first one again! I'm gonna be reeling them all in in record time, that's for sure 😁

You’re welcome @Heijneker! I didn’t realize the background of why thery weren’t available through my usual Podcast preference (iTunes), so I just happened to search in Spotify and lucked out!

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Oh yeah for sure, I can't get enough info on Optimum No Rinse. Did not know it contained a lot of nitrogen. Any case, a tree on my lot has seen about 100 buckets of Optimum No rinse, is doing absolutely awesome!

The one about the Hyper Paint correction system is good to hear as well, and my next podcast's gonna be one with dr. G again, can't wait!

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When I asked Dr G about dumping my wash bucket in the flower garden, he said why not?  The bucket contained water, soy polymers, healthy chemicals, and dirt from the car - all great for plants.  No wonder I have great looking flowers!

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In all seriousness Ron...what about groundwatter?

Our house uses groundwatter from a well and its clean enough to drink...we never had any issues with it but my father is kinda sceptical of me dumping ONR and other car shampoos including Car wash into the ground!

Does ONR and / or Car wash contain anything that may make our groundwater soiled?

I was meaning to ask this for some time now! Can you ask DR. G about it?

Thank you upfront!

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