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I've received my first 3rd party review of New Formula ONR - a regular Optimum user in Florida who's always testing new products (including McKees Rinseless) describes the new product as a huge improvement.  On application you can't even feel the BRS travel over the paint, it glides.  He didn't describe any difference in cleaning power, but his vehicle is washed weekly.  He also thought the gloss was much improved and he noticed the better dirt release characteristics.  He thought new ONR is not only a significant improvement over the existing product, but also much better than McKees.  I'm waiting for my delivery to try the new formula, but can't claim any neutrality.

On a side note, Peter also has tested Beadmaker, but came back to Opti-Seal (and Hyper Seal) - said Beadmaker has more slickness but MUCH less durability. 

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Good to hear...ONR always did lack that extra lubricity that the competition needed. Cleaning power was always fine. I have used many Rinseless washes over the years and I can think of some that I would love to use again but ONR is still in my top 3 (The other two are Surf city rinse free wash and wax which is a great product all around and the other is Feynlab pure rinseless which has great lubrication and cleaning power and is great for winter washes).

As for Bead maker its over rated...The gloss and temporary slickness it produces is great but that only lasts about a week or two at most. I see it more as a quick detailer or gloss enhancer rather then a sealant which its suppose to be. It is however as versatile as opti-seal and can be used on all outside surfaces as well as on hard inside car surfaces. Opti seal does a similar gloss enhancing job with little less slickness (still slick though) and with better water behaviour then Bead maker.

I am looking forward on trying out the new ONR some day. I am sure I will know the difference instantly if I am using the old or the new formula.

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