ONR 'Trick' on Interior Surfaces

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Hey all!

I may have found a 'trick' to save some time when doing interiors; On my own car this works great, but haven't tried it on other cars yet. Maybe worth a try for other people.

The 'trick' is to use the Big Red Sponge on the interior!

Wring it  out completely and wipe all the surfaces. This works great on the vents and is easy to get into all the nooks and crannies. The slits in the sponge ensure perfect conforming of the sponge to the surface. It's also easier to use than a towel. I would finish with Protectant Plus as a 'Drying aid' and wipe dry.

It's also easier to use than a damp MF towel since it's more comfortable to hold. I find sponges work better on mud stains on plastics compared to towels, so that's great too. However you do need to follow it up with a towel wipe, since it leaves droplets of ONR. Instead with an ONR damp towel, you don't need to dry plastic surfaces.

On a side note: ONR is the best window cleaner as well. I like to use the towel I dried the car with (The Rag Company double twistress) followed by a high quality waffle weave towel. I have never gotten glass this clean so fast and easy.


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I've used a version of this for years - after I finish drying the paint I use my that towel (Opti-Coat Ultimate Drying Towel) that is damp with ONR to wipe down my interior (leather vinyl, plastic, glass).  my interiors rarely require more cleaning than that.  I then use Protectant Plus more for it's coating/conditioning/protection than to clean.  I frequently use ONR for all glass (including in my home), may not be the best but is effective, fast, and safe. 

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