Comparing the encapsulating and zwitterionic effect

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I was discussing with someone how I feel like ONR encapsulates better than other rinseless washes (specifically N914). So I thought of a quick test. 

I grabbed some dirt. Put it in jars with water. Shake them up with 1/4oz rinseless wash. I think the images speak for themselves. The after photos are only 30 seconds after shaking. 

next I’ll have to try this with some of the other rinseless washes I have in my cabinet. 

I suddenly regret trying out N914 today lol. Back to ONR for me!  

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52 minutes ago, Ron@Optimum said:

I saw it on Facebook (if that was you) - pretty dramatic!

I put it on Reddit. 

I was shocked at the difference. I honestly thought it would be hard to see. 

I’ll make a new thread here once I’m done all my tests. If you just want to delete this one entirely I don’t think i am able too. 

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17 hours ago, Heijneker said:

WOW! That's an astounding difference. Way to go OPT and great test! Also look at the foam from Mckee's. In the words of Yvan; "if it foams, it's not a true rinseless".

I recently bought N914, as in used it for the first time tonight. ONR is without a doubt the better option. I got N914 mostly for the waterless wash dilution but it’s just not that great. I think it’s better place is a “multi-purpose cleaner” somewhere between a rinseless and an APC. It is a surfactant with a polymer in it. So like you stated not a true rinseless. 

i even tested it by spraying a bunch on my bath tub and agitating it, foams right on up!

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I decided to give N914 another shot for fairness, and because I spent $20 on it. 
once again reaffirmed this is a much better multi-purpose cleaner (think APC with no degreasing power) than anything else.

I washed a big ol Ram big cab truck last night with it. it lays super flat on the paint, and when you go to dry, even with a drying aid it just kinda absorbs the “puddle” of water but leaves so much on the surface. Even with a twist loop towel. Honestly don’t understand how others have so much success with it. OH! And it’s supposed to be this fantastic “cleaner” rinseless that cleans the panel waaay better than ONR, but I have been washing with ONR for almost a year now and rarely do I see dirt on my drying towel if I presoak the panel before washing. There was an uncomfortable amount of dirt on my towel, like I’ve never seen. It looked like i hadn’t even washed the panel! 
Meanwhile ONR never lets me down. It dries SUPER fast, even with no drying aid or vehicle protection, and makes for a faster more efficient cleaner. And the way it beads on the surface and visually encapsulates the dirt gives me peace of mind. While N914 sits flat on the panel like it was rinsed with just water. Won’t be trying that experiment again.
Just because ONR isn’t the newest shiniest wash out there, doesn’t mean it’s still not the king of Rinseless washing. 

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  • 5 months later...
5 minutes ago, Bullwinkel said:

It was the only one that performed as advertised. 

If they never mentioned a product name in that Absolute launch video and I listened to it with my eyes closed I would have thought it was ONR. 

Yeah. Exactly. They took all the good qualities that  ONR has had for years. 

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15 hours ago, Redgrandam said:

Yeah. Exactly. They took all the good qualities that  ONR has had for years. 

They kept saying how “game changing” it was and couldn’t define why lol.
Honestly TRC sells a lot of hype buzz word products now.

They probably just realized they could get better margins if they had their own formula with P&S. 


things like “doing what other rinsless washes haven’t” “hitting the things other RWs haven’t” 


just a bunch of hype / buzz. To me ONR is still king. Might not be the new kid on the block but it does exactly what Dr.G says it will do. 

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