Dr. G Interview!


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Very interesting and helpful videos!  Really helped explain differences between SIO2 and SIC coatings, and drawback of many polishes.  What was also interesting were comments about recoating an Opticoat Pro vehicle (no extensive prep needed) and that Pro3 could be polished to remove scratches.

Which makes me wonder:

Is it the top coat of Opticoat Pro+ that prevents it from being simply over-coated with Pro3?

What is the best way to repair rock chips in SIC coatings?  Yes, rocks can do a number on SIC, and some detailers on Youtube claim that to fix a chip, you have to polish the coating off, prep the paint again, and recoat the area (some detailers recommend redoing an entire panel just to remove one rock chip in the panel).

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In my opinion if a rock hits the paint and chips awah the clear and paint coat then it surely must have also removed the coating right? So there shouldnt be any issues filling that paint chip with paint without sanding or polishing off half the car first! 

Ive never filled a paint chip that later flew off because it was applied over wax or seal and no proper prep work. But then maybe thats just me 😜

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Thank you for posting this. 


I'm kicking myself for not downloading the old podcasts with the good Dr. G. 


Maybe he can do a nice, in depth interview in the future? 


I've been bitten pretty hard by the Optimum bug, thus anything from Dr. G is of great interest!

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