Waterless wash after Pre-wash

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Hey All,

Was wondering if there's any experience with using a waterless wash after a pre-wash? Meaning, Power Clean (10:1) as pre-spray and a pressure rinse, followed by a waterless wash.

Reason being, just came back from a 2500 mile road trip. Car was very dirty but the pre-wash cleaned it up amazingly well (also thanks to Hyper Seal and Glass Clean & Protect). Just a slight layer of traffic film remaining. So to safe time and effort, could I safely swap the usual ONR wash with either Opti-Clean, Istant detailer or even Car Wax? Seems to me it would safe me some time and effort. So would like to hear other's thoughts or experience!

On a side-note: DIY Detail showed a great simple way of cleaning wheels. Couple sprays of Power Clean wiped with a wrung-out MF towel. Worked awesome for me! Glass Clean & Protect survived the OPC pre-wash without a fuss. Did not expect that! Made the driving through rain also a lot safer. So thanks!

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I always pre-spray before a wash (sometimes with Opti-Clean and sometimes ONR at quick detailer ratio), but only the high dirt areas (front, wheels, lower panels, rear).  I never pressure wash, but depending on condition of paint, I'll use Opti-Clean, ONR at quick detailer mix, or Instant Detailer as my overall wash product.  I wouldn't use wax, Opti-Seal, or Hyper Seal as a cleaner since they don't have cleaning components.


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Yeah sure...you can easily use Opti-clean after OPC pre wash and pressure wash...Dont use opti-seal, car wax or hyper seal though as they dont have cleaning properties. OID is ok as a dust, smudge and finger print remover but I wouldnt use it as a watterless wash...thats what Opti-clean was made for!

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