Year and a half update using Optimum products.

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I got my new truck in June of last year and wanted something that wasn't rinse, wash, rinse again then rush to dry it before the water spots. Its a full size truck so lots of surface area.  Not sure how I found optimum products but it might have been Scottwax on youtube who I just saw is going to start making more videos, just did one a few weeks ago.  

I started out with the BRS, then I saw the UBS I wanted to try that as well.  I could never get used to the UBS though, just seems a little to small for my hands.  So anyway I started washing both of our vehicles weekly as it was just so easy.  The only time I've used a power washer was to knock crud/mud/salt chunks off, other than that its only been pre spraying with ONR 256/1 in a IK 2 gallon pump sprayer.   I'll usually use the pre spray from the belt line down and the front and rear bumpers (my gfs car attracts everything to the vertical surface of the trunk and the rear bumper).  I did want to try some other wash media, I ended up using (and still do) the cyclone ultra wash mitt.  I don't put my hand in it but is more comfy for me.  I realized I kept dropping the BRS, I have atrophy in both arms and hands and honestly I don't know why wrapping my fingers around the BRS was harder than putting my hand on top of a mitt.  

I did try some other brands of rinseless.   I think the worst was P&S Absolute, smelled and felt like body lotion to me.  Also tried McKees N-914 as well as DIY Detail rinseless.  For me the McKees and DIY Detail didn't have the slickness that ONR does.  The way that DIY Detail foams up I feel like its soap but who knows, could just be me.   The big difference was going from other brands one week and then using ONR again the next week and immediately feeling how much slicker it is, I don't want to say the others were grabby but they didn't feel as smooth and free flowing.   
Another thing with ONR,  prespraying the panel allows the dirt to make its way down to the kick panels or bottom of the car. Both P&S and DIY stuck the panel.  But here is the weird thing, after washing it, the liquid on the car does sit longer and doesn't evaporate as fast which is great for when you're drying. 

In the beginning I was using OPC for about a month getting the crud off of both our wheels.  The OPC works great, I try to use it a few times during the winter to clean the fender liners with the optimum Wheel and Body Brush.  After enough applications and using hyperseal I just clean the rims with ONR and foam OPC on the tires once a month.  Dry with some hyperseal and the brake dust, dirt and grime just come right off the next time.   

 I've been using  optiseal or hyperseal as a drying agent from the beginning and love the ease of drying.  In the fall and spring I also dry apply hyper seal before it gets to cold out, not sure if it does anything as I wash our vehicles weekly but it gives me some piece of mind.  

I was soooo sold on rinseless that June of 2023 I got by brother a full kit for his birthday as he had just got a new suv.   I think I got him into cleaning his car more than twice a year and going through car washes.  

All in all I love ONR and the optimum line of products.  

Oh right thats the other thing, it takes so little time to wash you can do it in bright sun when its 90 or below freezing temps in the winter (my record is 18F) 

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Great welcome 

Another detailer gone to the dark side Ron lol.  I went from optimum car soap to onr right away and have loved it. About 5 years now. Get the gloss coat on the car and all the other optimum products just look and perform better.  

My list 

Gloss coat great protection and gloss

Onr a must

Hyperseal  protection love it

The new ceramic wax  goes on even at 4c  so does hyperseal 

 I just rotate through  these products  as a drying aid . 




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Interesting update today.  Decided to use up the rest of the DIY detail rinseless on my wheels.  Filled up 3 gallons of hot water out of the tap and 1.5 oz of diy rinseless.  I always use hot water in the winter, its usually warm by the end even in very cold temps.   

Walked away and came back and I swear it looks like pure soap, smells like soap as well.  Just thought this was interesting at how much is foamed up.  

DIY rinseless foaming

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ONR suds up if you add ONR in a bucket and then pour water inside. Suds quickly diminish afterwards.

Suds may also be a result of previous leftover soaps you might have had in the bucket before. 

No biggy though.

Btw...what was that DIY rinseless mixture you mentioned about?

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