2019 Ford F-150


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This is my 2019 F-150,

I started with a pressure wash off of the big stuff, wheels and tires Power Clean 3:1,  ONR pre spray (256:1) in a garden pump sprayer, followed by BRS ONR wash, clay towel with OCW, then dried with Opti-Seal. Tires done with Opti Bond Tire Gel.

Interior vacuumed and plastics cleaned with Power Clean 30:1 and a detail brush, glass with ONR, any spots in carpet or seats with Fabric Clean and protect 3:1.


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Mostly I used ONR (blue or green) but once in a while I’ll use the power clean. I am trying to decide which I prefer. I like the idea of a dedicated interior cleaner which is why I made 30:1, which the rag company referred to as the dilution for that. 

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   I didn’t take any pics today but I’m not too impressed with with my wash I did today. The sun was out and I used the Optimum Car Wash vs ONR and dried with beadmaker. This may have been the last straw with switching between ONR and the a regular 2 bucket method. I noticed some possible water spots or just a finish I’m not happy with. So I guess I’ll stick with my tried and true ONR, BRS, and optiseal.  So when I get home shortly I’m going to take my pump sprayer full of ONR spray it and wipe it down with a microfiber.
    On the interior side of things, I’m wrestling with PS Xpress interior cleaner vs ONR with a spray of OPT leather protectant. I think I’m happier with the Optimum method.



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The interior looks as great as the exterior!

Haha I know how you feel man, after the 1st try of ONR, using regular car wash soap was basically NO option anymore. I might try it again soon, just to remind how much I've come to hate that type of wash.

ONR works great as an interior wipedown for me, but streak-free windows I find hard to achieve.

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I always do a pre-spray, using either ONR at quick detailer ratio (1 oz to 16 oz of water) or Opti-Clean.  I don't like OC on glass, just cannot get streak free.  I feel guilty with asked questions about OPT Car Wash - I have never used it (not sure where my hose is...).  Once introduced to ONR I was hooked.

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I think I have over complicated my auto cleaning recently. I switched from the Optimum exclusive to more of the Obsessed Garage method. Now that I’ve purchased all of that and the results are great, I miss the simplicity of ONR, Power Clean and Opti Seal.  I have found it a lot more time consuming to grab all the products needed to do an inside and out weekly (2 kids, it’s needed) vs ONR for inside and out a few towels and the BRS. 
I watched a detalks with Yvan and Levi about detailing minimalism and I think I’m getting to that point where I want to be with the above 3 OPT products.



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I think that's a normal thing to go through, I had the same. I was getting more and more stuff and chemicals, now I'm slowly backing down again. Maybe let the wash be detirmened by the way you feel?; If you want it do be quick and easy, or a full-on mind-cleansing session. Cleaning your car is such a soothing experience, with ONR it may be over with way too soon. 😋

I use ONR with the BRS every week and clean my car inside and out in approx. 1 hour from grabbing my stuff to putting it away again, and get very good results. Car Wax and Opti-Seal I use as intented once in a while. Power Clean almost never (I'm light on the brakes), only for washing my towels. Optimum Glass Clean & Protect on the windows every wash, CFCP on the occasional stain. 

Then a couple of times a year it could do with a more thorough wash, wheel whells and barrels fancy an occasional jet wash. I haven't really found a suitable Rinseless process for those, but haven't been looking either!

So, yeah, would recommend!

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I found myself in the same situation, I went out and bought all the 'in' things, following guides I had seen on YouTube to the letter. Then you find another guide that said you were using the wrong snow foam, your wheels brushes were wrong and 'destroying' your paint and your sealant only last 30 days and this new one lasted 31 days . . . But the results did look good . . . 

Long story short, I came down with a genetic lung condition triggered by a cold that meant these methods were no longer available to me due to the setup time, the number of the items I had to carry around from the garden, the number of times I'd need to go round the car etc. It also meant when it did become too much I couldn't just stop and call it a day mid wash. Oh, and I have 2 children, a wife and a business partner that all require my limited energy and time.

Then I came across a post on a detailing forum (which included a few of the members on this forum) about ONR and I went from there. I did my research,  worked out which products would work for me within the range and 3 years later I'm still using the system. As a note, I have never polished my car and it is a daily driver in the English countryside so its paint can have quite a tough life! Is my car perfect? No, not at all. Can I tell the difference in the result of the different cleaning methods? Not really. ONR and the whole system makes the process quicker, easier and gives me results I'm more than happy with.

 But as with anything, each to their own of course, as Lowejackson said, it is about finding things that work for you and your circumstances which really no one else can decide for you.


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thank you for an honest review - I'm asked all the time for the "official" Optimum recommendations on everything from wash media, towels, mix ratios, order of application, proper methodology - even to motion (should you dry up and down, side to side, or circular).  There are no singular right answers (though some methods work better than others).  If you ask enough "experts" or review enough youtube videos, you'll get every answer possible...and end up with paralysis by analysis.  Use what works for you, in the order that's effective, and in the most efficient manner and life will be less complicated.  It's impossible to be unique (for long), but Dr G's goal is to make effective products that are cost effective, easy to use, and long lasting.

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