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The other day I finally got to use Optimum CFCP! Man was I excited, and I got the perfect candidate as well! A neglected Volvo C70 (beautiful car). Armed with CFCP at 1:3 with distilled water, a FLEX XFE 7-15 Corded with a Hook & Loop Upholstery brush and some microfibre towels, the results were absolutely incredible. Thanks again Dr. G. and OPT!







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Got a real nasty set of seats yesterday! This is from a 2004 panel van, so naaaastyyyy!

I liberally sprayed the seats first with concentrated OF&CC&P, and let it dwell for about 45 mins as I washed this very dirty car. Then I foamed it 1:6, again liberally, and scrubbed it with a DeWalt Rotary and a wool pad, before a final wipedown with some twist-loop microfiber. Around 5-10 mins. work in total

After photo's were taken a day later, when the seats were completely dry again.





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No APC. It's a terrible seat cleaner. Use an enzyme based cleaner like a pet urine cleaner product. It's not the product that is limiting your ability although 1:3 ratio is best for opti carpet cleaner, it's the method your using. A wool pad on a rotary will not always pull enough dirt off of the surface like a velocity vac or extractor will

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I hope this product never goes away. Some people have had complaints (although I don’t care enough to get their specifics, we’ve all noticed the OPT haters lol) but OMG!!! I was working on a car, wish I would have recorded this. 

i lightly sprayed fabric clean 10:1 and the white stain literally faded before my eyes. I thought oh it’s just wet. Nope after towel drying and coming back later the stain was GONE. It took out several other stains at this dilution.

i recently picked up the “nifty interior” brush from Chemical Guys, a softer carpet brush with some give and use this to basically lightly clean every carpet I see and to add some protection as well. Works exceptionally well for catered floor mats. 

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