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Scotty Kilmer, a long time auto mechanic and Youtube-er posting many worthwhile tips on auto repair, comes down hard again on "nano protectents".  One of his claims is the protectants don't allow car paint to flex in heat, thus shortening its life.

My OptiCoat Pro+ 2021 vehicle's been outdoors in 110+ degree weather many days this summer.  None of my paint nor its coating has "cracked"  - Pro+ is still doing its job. 

The only place the coating "cracked" was on the edge of the plastic roof trim near the paint surface, where it seemed to be flaking off the plastic.  Not sure why but that portion of trim was cleaned and recoated with hyper-seal to see how it will fare during the winter.


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All this stuff is part of the death of expertise as described by Tom Nichols.  The internet has made everyone an expert and at the same time proud of being a know-nothing.

"These are dangerous times. Never have so many people had access to so much knowledge, and yet been so resistant to learning anything."

— Tom Nichols, The Death of Expertise
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