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Youtube showcases a lot of detailing products.  Latest one is DuraSlic, which claims to be oleophobic as well as hydrophobic.  Is oleophobia a general property of silicon carbide ceramic coatings  (DuraSlic does not say whether they're SIC or SIO2) ?

Just curious...the big appeal of oleophobia is that it might help repel "road film" and possibly tar/asphalt contamination.  I've never seen any detailer test for that.

Still, unlike Pan or other detailing youtubers, I don't have a large supply of cars to detail.  Just one daily driver which so far Pro+ has done a decent job protecting.

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1 hour ago, Ron@Optimum said:

I have no idea how to even test for "oleophobic" -

Same here...every youtube video I have found on olelphobia discusses coatings to prevent it, but do not __show__ how the coatings function in "oleophobic" mode.  Still, is intriquing as asphalt is an oil-based product and routinely contaminates vehicle coatings - a way to repel it would be nice.

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A bit more info surfaced on oleophobicity on Pan's youtube channel.  It was demonstrated how an oleophobic coating could resist isopropyl alcohol.   Which seems odd as my understanding is alcohol's both polar and non-polar, allowing oils and water to mix.  Why the company didn't demo an oil or the oil component of asphalt is a bit puzzling.

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