My pretty quick detail process

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Hey all, 

I'd like to share my updated detail process, may be of use to some of you. I'm a professional detailer and love efficiency. I work for a used car dealer, so I need to be quick to earn some money! Luckily, it doesn't have to be perfect, but it does need to look nice! After listening to Yvan Lacroix ALOT, I lost a lot of time in my process:

I start off with walking around and spraying any glue, tar and sap with T.AR. Remover. Then I take a blowgun and a damp ONR/OPP mix towel and use that combo on buttons, emblems, cracks, vents and such. First you lay the towel over a vent for example, blow with the gun into the towel, remove towel and blow again. I then remove the matt and blow under and besided the seat and the carpet. The matts and carpet I hit with the Dyson V15 detect. After this it's time for the wash.

I spray Optimum Power Clean 1:2 on the wheels and wheel wells, trim, engine bay, badges, sills, hinges and window frames. If needed, the rims get acid or a fallout remover. Also if needed, I brush the wheels and the engine bay. I then pressure wash everything, starting with the engine bay and avoid the Power Clean drying anywhere. After that, I wash the car with ONR and, if needed, follow by claying with a fallout remover.

After this, I proceed on the interior again. Starting off with an Upholstery clean on all seats using the Nathan Flannal Rotary Seat Cleaning Method. I use a DeWalt Rotary, Optimum Power Clean 1:6 on stains, and foam Optimum Carpet & Fabric Clean & Protect 1:6 on everything. I wipe the seats and any overspray off with a TRC Double Twistress. Then, with the damp ONR/OPP towel from before, I wipe everything down and vacuum with a brush attachment. Where needed I use a crevice attachment. I dry the sills with another towel. Perform these steps one seat/boot at the time, starting at the front passenger's seat and ending at the driver's. I rarely use Power Clean on hard interior surfaces anymore.

Then it's time to start polishing. I basically only use the Rupes Blue Wool pads on a Zentool 21e2. I might use Intensive/Hyper Polish for a one step, or Hyper Compound followed by Hyper Polish for a 2-step. Most of the time I 2-step the hood and 1-step the rest. After polishing, I dress exterior plastics with Optimum Protect plus with a towel (and a sponge) and dress the tires. Then I wipe off the polish residue with a ONR damp towel and dry with Car Wax.

Final step is glass and glossy interior surfaces. Use a TRC FTW towel damp from ONR and follow up with a dry one (or waffle weave) .

That's how I currently detail cars! It takes me around 2-2.5 hours and am hoping to get that further down still!

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For a full interior and exterior detail (including polishing) 2-2.5h is fairly fast. But like you said it doesnt have to be perfect. 

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Indeed, but it does have to be very clean though! The dealer I'm working for is very happy with the results and never complains.

Except for their own detailer, but he complains about everything haha 😜

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