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A few months ago I pondered on what would happen if someone like Yvan was to retire.  As arguably the most visible person at OPT how would this impact a small organisation.  Not suggesting good or bad things but it will have an impact.  I have worked in HR for long enough to have seen this a few times so it will be interesting to see the changes



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Well, Yvan stepped into his role not that long ago...5 years?  Remember originally Anthony Orosco, and to a lesser extent, Scottwax were the forum faces of Optimum, then Chris Thomas, then we got into the "modern era" with Yvan and Dann.  So yes, big change, but seems to me just another change in the Optimum continuum.

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I'm not sure if Optimum will even try to replace Yvan - there is no one there with his combination of experience, insight, and extroverted personality.   Setec has the timetable correct, Yvan became an OPT employee about 5 years ago, after years of being a customer and beta tester (much like Ron/Anthony, and Scottwax).  He was there at the perfect time (along with Dann), as the company went through an amazing growth spell with a new facilities (since replaced), new products, and the push for innovative programs.  I got to know him well when he spent extended time in Memphis (and Pro coated my car for a video shoot).  Though not an installer myself, I gained a great deal of knowledge just listening to Yvan and David discuss products and applications. 

Dr G has had the good fortune (or good taste) to surround himself with very talented individuals (Ron, Anthony, Chris, Dann, Yvan, Joel, etc) who've had incredible impact on everything from product development to marketing.  Unfortunately life moves on and people branch into new realities, find new opportunities, or have new interests that demand their attention.  I doubt that Yvan is done with car care (his passion) and expect him to find new ways to impact the industry.

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