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one more thought came up per recent Pan and Yvan comments:  if pressure washing dirt off a car can scratch the paint as they suggest it can, would it be better to (as they suggest) do a prep by low-pressure spraying the dirt with ONR solution to lubricate it before high pressure spray rinse,   or    would it be simpler to add ONR to the pressure washer  (would ONR lube the dirt quickly enough to prevent pressure scratching) ?

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On 5/29/2021 at 4:51 AM, No Soap said:

Best to pre-spray and let dwell for a moment and then rinse using a pressure washer. The amount of water it delivers is much more important than the pressure.

Only worry is that Pro+'s so good at beading, the pre-spray beads up and doesn't dwell on all the surface.  As an experiment  for when car's very dirty I've combined ONR with one of the better foam products to make sure ONR dwells on all the surface, then do a rinse, and then the ONR-only wash.

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(New formula) No rinse works great on bugs too!


Just ONR @2561:1, Ultra Black Sponge, TRC Double Twistress and OCW as a drying aid. Just a rinseless wash, no pre-rinse, on a hot car in 25°C, fully in the sun. Most of the bugs came off with the towel.

For the rest of the car, just took it slow and worked panel for panel, came out looking great. For the wheels, which weren't that dirty, OPC @6:1, brush with TRC W&B Brush dipped in ONR, wiped with a towel. Followed by OPT Tire Shine. No streaks, smears or watermarks. Awesome!

Both of the cars washed this way:


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I finally coerced my wife into helping me wash cars (2 in the past 2 weeks) and she's now seduced to the Dark Side of Opti-fanatism!  She's used various OPT products around the house for years, but actually seeing them in action...and how easy they are to apply combined with the results and we have a winner!

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On 6/22/2021 at 9:38 AM, Ron@Optimum said:

Dr G states the new formula ONR is a substantially stronger cleaner...

I washed a really, really dirty car at work yesterday. 


It had the typical Metro Detroit winter sludge of salt, grime, and dirt all over it. 


The new formula demolished it with one pass.  It was surprising, and I wasn't expecting to experience that. 


Earlier in the morning before I left for work, I gave my gf's Jeep a wash in the garage with the previous version, which always cleans well for me.  I would absolutely say that the new version is better.


The new version feels thicker, more slippery. It also dries easier.  It almost seems to evaporate like Opti-Seal. Also, the drying towels there need to be replaced as they don't want to absorb, and it still worked. 

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Yup! I uses old and new formula side to side on the same hood; worlds apart! It beads up way faster than the old formula.

Yvan Lacroix says you can use ammonia to 'shock-treat' the towels. At the end of Hawk Pro Detail shop makeover video, he says you can add it to the washing machine, but I've got no further instructions than that.

Worth a shot if the towels are..... shot?.....

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